2000s ALSTOM (Metro-Cammell Washwood Heath) Products

The very last train ever left the site 22nd March 2005 (With apologies for the hi-vi vests on some photos)

Last Train photo gallery - all at once (May take some time to load but you can see the whole gallery together)

Last Train photo gallery - one at a time (loads more quickly but only one at a time):

Photos: J Cooper, M Newport, D Millin

Group in G shop - 1

Group in G shop - 2

Group in G shop - 3

Group in G shop - 4

Waiting in G shop for the shunter

Coupled to the shunter

The loco moving into position

Coupled to the loco

Coming round the bend

Going once<

Going twice


A Class 180 DMU leaving Washwood Heath in June 2004