The following letter was found in the archive during the move from Birmingham, with thanks to Mr Richard Bowen for the info and the pictures.
I have added a couple of pictures of the stock as built in 1929 from the archive for comparison. 72 years in active service and presumably still going!

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September 20, 1999


The Archivist
Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Ltd,
Washwood Heath Works
Washwood Heath, Birmingham
West Midlands
GroB Britannien

Dear Sir,

While travelling in Peru recently I came across at least three products of Metropolitan-Cammell.

I do not know if you have an historian or an internal magazine which would be interested in details. I hope you do and offer the notes and photographs to them.

The three vehicles all have FCNOP axlebox covers (FC North East Peru I think) and Metropolitan-Cammell tread plates (rather well worn so that the central section cannot be read).

They are operated by ENAFER SA on the FC Huancayo-Huancavelica line, some 128.2 km long, built 1927. The mineral extension beyond is lifted, all bar the first km. Once out of the Huancayo area the line descends continuously down one gorge and then mounts continuously up another.

The vehicles seem to have been rebuilt from time to time so that the number of seats is not the same. 1007 (81 places), 1008 (72 places), 1009 (80 places).

Yours faithfully


Richard A.Bowen

Long view of the complete train.
Three-quarter end of carriage.
Well worn treadplate.
Interior view.
As built 1st class carriage.
As built 2nd class carriage.