Ashbury 1862 Wagon built in one day

The left hand side reads:-

This Railway
Goods Van
Was built on 25th March 1862
At the works of
John Ashbury,
The length of the body of the van is 16 feet, and the width 8 feet. It is constructed with double sliding doors on each side, laminated spring buffers, and solid wrought iron wheels and axles, which are 3 feet 6 inches diameter. The timber of the framing is East Indian Moulmeia Teak, and the boards for the sheeting, roofing and flooring, are Red Deal.
The materials composing the vehicle were MANUFACTURED IN ONE DAY. They comprise all the ironwork, bolts and nuts, axle boxes, and wheels, and axles, prepared from Pig Iron, and woodwork cut out of the Log and Deals. A similar quantity of the raw material from which the Van is made may be seen alongside. It consists of 4 tons 5 cwt. of Pig Iron, 4 logs of Teakwood, and 26 Deals.

The work commenced at 7:15 am., and finished at 6:35 pm., having occupied 11 hours and 20 minutes in manufacture and construction.

The Van, varnished and complete in all respects, was loaded with ordinary mechandise, and forwarded to London at 7 o'clock by the usual Goods Train, arriving at Kings Cross Station at 6:10 on the following morning. It was afterwards conveyed to the Exhibition Building, where it arrived at 10 o'clock am., on the 26th of March.


The right hand side has the same message rendered in French.
The picture is dated in the bottom right corner as 1863

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