A few groups from the Reunion of 1st May 2008

1) Peter Johnson and Brian Harvey

2) Tony Lang (rear), John Rouse, Harry Rouse, Barry Alsop

3) Mrs Tresenden, Dereck Tresenden, ?

4) ??, Bill Coleing, Trevor Lane, Stan Rouse

5) ??, Maurice Walters, Brian Yates, Garry Yates, Richard Moore

6) Ian Hodgson, Keith Rigg, John Finney, Deryk Hazzard, Kevin Bing

7) Dave Pickersgill, Dave Southall, Terry Bird

8) Mick Broxton, Kevin Taylor, Mike Adams, Mike Newport, Keith Perks

9) ??, Dave King, Sue Hodson, Phil Crook, Kim Southerton

10) Dave Gwillam, Kevin Surplice, Harry ??

11) Dave Gwillam, Bob Wally, Kevin Surplice, Harry ??

12) Brian Ridgeway, Chris Huthins, Barry Tyler

13) Peter Orr, Alan Greenway

14) John Dixon, Fred Dodd, Dick Elwell, John Aston

15) Ken Evans, Peter Brookes, Lance Beck

16) Reg Brown, Graham Knight, Chris Deegan, Bret Owen, Neil Bucknal

17) Peter Horton, ??, Nigel Smith

18) Dave Phillips, Ted Price, Nigel Smith, Ken Richardson, Rod Epton

19) Ian Clarke, Kevin Stringer, John Hawkins, Dave Morris, Darren Manley, Mick Fahey, Alan Rowen

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